How dogs bark in different languages

Almost all dogs bark.  111018-108878Science has shown that virtually all dogs also can understand the barks of other dogs regardless of where they come from, however the way that humans hear those barks differs depending upon the language that people speak and the culture that they live in.
Language → Word(s) Used For Dog Barks
 Afrikaans → blaf-blaf; woef-woef; keff-keff (small dogs)
Albanian → ham-ham
American Sign Language (ASL) → Both closed fists held horizontally together-fingers in towards each other. Quickly open the fists together to expose the fingers twice.
Arabic → hau-hau; how-how
Armenian → haf-haf
Balinese → kong-kong
Basque → au-au (any dog); txau-txau (small dogs); zaunk-zaunk (large dogs); jau-jau (old dogs)
Belgian → wooah-wooah (if you believe Tintin’s dog Snowy is typical)
Bengali → gheu-gheu; bhao-bhao
Bulgarian → bau-bau; jaff-jaff
Burmese → woke-woke
Catalan → bau-bau; bub-bub
Chinese-Cantonese → wo-wo; wow-wow; wong-wong
Chinese-Mandarin → wang-wang
Croatian → vau-vau
Czech → haff-haff
Danish → vov-vov; vuf-vuf
Dutch → blaf-blaf; woef-woef; waf-waf (small dogs); kef-kef (very small dogs)
English → woof-woof; ruff-ruff; arf-arf; bow-wow; yap-yap (small dogs); yip-yip (very small dogs
Esperanto → boj-boj
Estonian → auh-auh; auch-auch
Finnish →hau-hau; vuh-vuh; rauf-rauf
French →wouaff-wouaff; ouah-ouah; whou-whou; vaf-vaf; jappe-jappe (small dog)
German → wuff-wuff; vow-vow
Greek → ghav-ghav
Hebrew → hav-hav; haw-haw-how-how
Hindi → bow-bow
Hungarian → vow-vow, vau-vau
Icelandic → voff-voff
Indonesian → guk-guk; gong-gong
Irish → amh-amh
Italian → bau-bau; arf-arf
Japanese → wan-wan; kian-kian
 Korean → mung-mung; wang-wang
Kurdish → hau-hau
Latvian →vau-vau
Lebanese → haw-haw
Lithuanian → au-au
Macedonian → av-av
Malay → gong-gong
Marathi → bhu-bhu; bho-bho
Nigerian (Calabar area) → wai-wai
Norwegian → voff-voff; boff-boff; vov-vov
Persian → vogh-vogh; cut-cut; bad-bad
Polish → hau-hau
Portuguese → au-au
Romanian → ham-ham; hau-hau
Russian → gav-gav; guf-guf; hav-hav; tyav-tyav (small dogs)
Serbian → av-av
Sinhala → buh-buh
Slovak → haf-haf; hau-hau
Slovene → hov-hov
Spanish → guau-guau; gua-gua; jau-jau
Swedish → voff-voff; vov-vov
Tagalog → ow-ow; baw-baw
Tamil →wal-wal, bow-bow, lol-lol
Thai → hong-hong
Turkish → hev-hev; hav-hav
Ukrainian → hau-hau; haf-haf; dzyau-dzyau
Urdu → bow bow
Vietnamese → gau-gau; wau-wau; ang-ang
Welsh → wff-wff
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