The art of translation

BN-FK004_bellos_G_20141105132314David Bellos has translated more than 20 books. He is also a director of a program at Princeton University that awards a certificate in translation. He is also the author of seven of his own books including “Is That a Fish in Your Ear?” which The Economist cited as a 2011 Book of the Year, saying in a review,  “In the guise of a book about translation this is a richly original cultural history.”
In an interview, Bellos, 69 years old, discussed the art of translation.
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Transporting joy through translation

MA27_DHARMARAJAN_2173186eFor N. Dharmarajan, translation is more than transfer of content from a source language to a target language. It is transportation of the beauty of the original in the target language. It is an endeavour to make the reader experience the fulfilment and pleasure gained by reading the original.
Prof. Dharmarajan has accomplished this through translation of 120 books and 50 short stories over a span of 56 years..

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A bad translation can destroy a life

In 1980, Ramirez was taken to a South Florida hospital in a coma, says Helen Eby, a certified medical interpreter in Oregon. “His family apparently used the word ‘intoxicado’ to talk about this person.”. “Well, ‘intoxicado’ in Spanish just means that you ingested something. It could be food; it could be a drug; it could be anything that has made you sick.” The family thought something Ramirez had eaten might have caused his symptoms. But the interpreter translated their Spanish as “intoxicated.”